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Gazprombank Collection
Russian Federation
Nikita Alexeev “Impressions of Places and Events” (2009) / Ivan Chuikov “Window LLX” (2005) / Yuri Albert “Self-Portrait with Closed Eyes” (1995). Exhibition view “Dreaming Russia”, Albertina Museum, Vienna( 2013). Photo: Alexander Murashkin
Dmitry Gutov “M” (2005) / Andrey Monastyrsky Series “Earth Works” (1987) / Anatoly Osmolovsky “Hardware” (2006). Exhibition view “Making our stay in the city visibly and invisibly” The National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow (2015). Photo: Alexander Yakovlev
Arseniy Zhilyaev “Peace – Our Ideal” (2003)
MishMash (Michail Leikin and Maria Sumnina) from the series "Geopsychoisometric expertise of Moscow" (2011). Gazprombank art storage facility. Photo: Engeny Pogonin.
Sergey Bugaev from the series "Anti - Lissitzky"(1991) / Svetlana Shuvaeva from the series "It's OK to change your mind!" (2016). Courtesy Istituzione Bologna Musei. Photo: Matteo Monti
Exhibition public space:

No dedicated space yet, works are exhibited in Private banking client zones and employees’ offices.


About the collection

Launch year:

Number of artworks:
By 01/05/2021 Gazprombank Collection consists of 300 art projects by 92 artists (over 1300 inventories).

Status of collection:

Artistic domain:

The focal point of the collection is Russian contemporary art from the 90-s till present. The collection includes all media and genres, comprising paintings, graphics, photography, sculpture, installation, objects,  documentation of performance, book-art and  video-art.

The collection consistently combines the most representative works of the last decades of the Russian art history. With the  aim is to preserve the integrity and initial idea of the works which are gathered in the collection we tend to acquire projects as a whole, rather than individual works. Besides, apart from buying works that are already represented in the local and international artistic context, Gazprombank initiates the production of new works, created by the artists specially for the collection.

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Since the start of the collection in 2012 there were four museum exhibitions – at the Albertina Museum (Vienna, Oct-Nov 2013), the National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow, June 2015), Moscow Museum of Modern Art (April 2016), The Museum Institution of Bologna (Bologna, Jan-Mar 2018), one show of photography works from the collection in Moscow State University (Exhibition Space of Law facuelty, Moscow, April 2014) and solo exhibitions of the collection’s artists:   Alexandra Paperno,  Yuri Palmin (The Centre for Contemporary Culture “Smena”,  Kazan, Tatarstan, May-July 2015) and Sergey Sapozhnikov (DON Contemporary Art Foundation,  Rostov–on-Don, April-May 2016).

Individual works from the collection have been loaned to museums for exhibitions, shown in non-commercial projects in regional and international biennals, some of them commissioned on site-specific orders, e.g. Liverpool Biennale (Taus Makhacheva, video-art, Gamsutl, 2012),  8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3, Ljubljana (Arseny Zhilyaev, project \"Tsiolkovsky. Second Advents\", 2016), 57th International Art Exhibition | La Biennale di Venezia (Taus Makhacheva, video-art Baida, 2017), M HKA Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp (Dimitri Venkov, video-art The Shining Will Come Crashing Down, 2019).



About the company


Launch year:

International presence:
Gazprombank operates seven subsidiary and affiliated banks in Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Switzerland and Luxemburg, representative offices in China, Mongolia and India.

Annual revenue:
Total assets 5 122 bln RUB due to financial Statements for 2015

Number of employees:
13,9 thousand (2015)

Profile of the company:

Founded by the world's largest gas producer and exporter Gazprom to provide banking services for gas industry enterprises, Gazprombank has since become a leader in the banking sector, which key performance indicators place the Bank among the top three banks of Russia. Gazprombank as a universal financial institution delivers a wide range of banking and investment services for over 45,000 corporate and about 4 million private clients.Gazprombank's network across Russia extends from Kaliningrad in the west to Youzhno-Sakhalinsk in the east. The total number of offices delivering customer banking and depository services under the single brand name of Gazprombank exceeds 300.