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1. IACCCA website
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b) Photos and Publications credits: IACCCA offers its information on the Internet essentially for the benefit of individuals and corporate collections interested in its activities.If the user wishes to mirror, reproduce, republish or translate any of the information for wider dissemination, he has to ask a written permission of IACCCA with details of such proposed use, including the nature and size of the intended audience. The use of IACCCA Internet material for any purpose is prohibited unless prior written permission is obtained. IACCCA reserves all copyrights on its publications, including graphic designs and content as well as on its Web pages, including its Content and graphic designs.

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Andreas Gursky, 99cent, 1999/2016: All rights reserved. Without permission through ProLitteris reproduction and any other use of the work besides the individual and private consultation are forbidden.

5. Photographs’ credits

IACCCA thanks all the people, members and organisms for their contribution to the website. Where not otherwise acknowledged, the photographs of the website are the copyright of IACCCA. All rights reserved. Reproduction of any photograph of this website is prohibited without express written consent of the rights owner.