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EVN collection
Douglas Gordon, Letter (number 14) Green; There is something you should know, 1992/1994 © Studio lost but found / 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
Clegg & Guttmann, Magister Ludi (Collaboration with Martin Kippenberger), 1986
Adrien Tirtiaux, Transferts d'Énergie en système fermé, 2010-2012
Carola Dertnig, Again Audience / Stage, 2012
Olga Chernysheva, Guard, 2009
Exhibition public space:

The evn collection is a platform for exploring visual arts and is intended for the company’s staff and interested visitors alike. The exhibition of works at the company’s premises in Maria Enzersdorf, 15 kilometres south of Vienna, permits a direct dialogue with current and critical positions at this location.
Tours through the collection: by appointment.


About the collection

Launch year:

Number of artworks:

Status of collection:

Artistic domain:

The collection is focused on a brief historical period (works from the late nineteen-eighties until today). A typical feature of the collection is the variety of media and the aim of presenting contemporary positions.

The works of the collection are compiled by a team of experts and are seen as an intellectual and material investment in the future of the company.

Board Members 2015:
Brigitte Huck (since 1995), Heike Maier-Rieper, Hans Ulrich Obrist (since 1995), Markus Schinwald, Thomas D.Trummer.

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Sol LeWitt: Wall Drawing, 1998 – Wallpainting, site specific wallpainting in Wr. Neustadt, Austria
Hans Peter Feldmann: Ein Energieunternehmen, 1995, publication with artistic research
Lisl Ponger/Tim Sharp: A Bulgarian Journey, 2007, DVD-ROM with artistic reserch
Christian Philipp Müller, The New World, 2007, site specific installation in the garden of Melk Monastery


2002: Maecenas NÖ
2011: OscART Austria

About the company


Launch year:
1922 (under the name NEWAG/NIOGAS)

International presence:
EVN operates in 16 countries in the energy and environmental services businesses Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania

Annual revenue:
2013/14: 1.974,8 Mio. Euro

Number of employees:
2013/14: 7314

Profile of the company:

EVN is a leading, international and publicly listed energy and environmental services company, with headquarters in Lower Austria, the country’s largest federal province.

EVN supplies some 14 million customers on the basis of the successful projects implemented in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe in the past 20 years.