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Collection Société Générale
Felice Varini, Ellipse vide rouge, 1996, Dark vermillion #241 Mat Pub Pebeo acrylic paint on wall © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
Jean-Michel Othoniel, Le Noeud grec, 2014, Mirrored glass, stainless steel © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
Barry Flanagan, Elephant, 1986, Bronze
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Our Collection is open to the public and young audience via inscription to guided tours on our website. We want to continue to share our Collection. Free visits. Open during working hours.


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More thank 400 original works of art and 700 lithographs, editions and serigraphs

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The Collection is structured along three lines, i.e. painting, sculpture, and photography, and combines works from well-known artists with works from new creative talents. This diversity has been emphasized over the past few years thanks to a growing openness to talented young artists from emerging art scenes, which reflects the Group's internationalisation.

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Felice Varini, Katharina Grosse, Jean-Michel Othoniel


In 2014, Société Générale received Oscar Jacques Rigaud Prize for cultural sponsorship during the 29th Admical** Oscars ceremony.

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