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Beyond its wealth and asset management activities, Mirabaud has always been passionately committed to supporting extraordinary sport or cultural events. Acclaimed for its involvement in the field of classical music, Mirabaud has offered prestigious concerts in some of the most beautiful concert halls in the world. 

With the same concern for modernity, Mirabaud has decided to renew its commitment to culture by constituting a contemporary art collection. Art is not new to Mirabaud, which notably owns the finest collection of works by Pierre-Louis de La Rive, a Geneva artist from the 18th century.

By becoming associated with the diffusion of contemporary art, Mirabaud establishes a link between tradition and modernity, between past, present and future. A position perfectly tuned to Mirabaud’s capacity for innovation. It is on the basis of the strength of acquired heritage that it can project itself in the future with such passion.

Contemporary art is the reflection of our time; it witnesses the richness of our era and the thirst for creation to which we must respond. By offering a window to renowned artists and younger talents throughout its offices in Switzerland and abroad, Mirabaud offers to its visitors the possibility to engage with a new multifaceted artistic reality. In the form of paintings, photographs or sculptures, the Mirabaud Collection bears the signature of a modern institution, engaged in its time and capable of transforming an ambition into a reality.

The talent of mankind is nothing without the gaze of the beholder; let's appreciate these artworks with the fresh eye of our contemporary truth.


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By showcasing contemporary art next to pieces from centuries past, Mirabaud is building a bridge between tradition and modernity – the same notion that drives the long-term vision the Group pursues in its management activities.

That is why Mirabaud invests in budding artists of tomorrow – Omar Ba, Antoine Roegiers, Fabian Marti – as well as established talents – Bruce Nauman, Not Vital, Marina Abramovic, Thomas Ruff. The core works of this collection, exhibited in the Group's offices in Geneva, Zurich, Paris, Luxembourg and Madrid, are selected on the basis of strong convictions.

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Active in the major financial centres around the world, Mirabaud deploys its expertise through its network of 15 offices in Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.


Wealth Management

As the Group's primary vocation, wealth management at Mirabaud is founded on customised advice and solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. These include discretionary asset management, investment advice, wealth planning in the broader sense, occupational pension, corporate advisory, and independent wealth management services.


Asset Management

Management services for institutional clients are built around a conviction-based strategy and a selection of products focused on long-term returns. The Group's Asset Management division specialises in the investment and management of assets, and also offers a range of funds and mandates whose investment strategies are devised on the basis of solid analyses.



In its role as independent advisor, Mirabaud has served as an intermediary for professional and corporate investors in the field of execution for more than 25 years. From its privileged position at the heart of the markets, Mirabaud also offers research, analysis, strategies and recommendations. The Group is also a recognised expert on the capital markets.