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BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation Collection
Emilie DING, Sans titre, 2008-2009 / Max BILL, Composition, 1971-1978 ©Ivan P. Siméon
Max ERNST, Festin suite, 1974 ©Ivan P. Siméon
Pierre MONTANT, Air marin, 1973 / Pierre MONTANT, Le grand rythme de Boissano, 1974 ©Ivan P. Siméon
Marco SCORTI, 450-530 m.s.l.m, 2016 / Aurélie PETREL, Axionométrie, 2017 / Yann GROSS, Milagros, 2017 ©Ivan P. Siméon
LE CORBUSIER, Figure humaine, 1959 / Max BILL, Radiation du vert, 1972-1974 / Claudia COMTE, Half Circle Painting, Black & White #9, 2017 ©Ivan P. Siméon
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The Art Collection was created in the 1960s and enhanced in the 1980s by a significant acquisition phase that continues today.

The Collection is articulated around three main artistic movements that are: Modern European Art (Max Ernst, Joan Miró, Arman, etc.) and works from major Swiss artists (Max Bill, Le Corbusier, Louis Soutter, etc.).

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

In a desire to invigorate and expand the Collection, the Foundation has also chosen to favour the acquisition of works from contemporary Swiss artists. Indeed, this support of young artistic creation is perfectly in line with the philanthropic values endorsed by the Foundation since its creation.


In collaboration with the Haute école d’art et de design, Geneva (HEAD).

Launched in 2012, the New Heads – Fondation BNP Paribas Art Awards is an annual prize for young emerging talents offered to graduated students from the HEAD Master in Fine Arts.

During an exhibition curated by important actors of the swiss artist scene, three artists are rewarded by a jury composed of professionals in the art domain, journalists, and BNP Paribas Swiss employees.

Two winners receive the amount of CHF 12’000.-, and Le Temps (Swiss newspaper) offers to produce a limited edition to the third artist.

An artwork from each laureate integrates the Collection of the BNP Paribas Swiss Foundation.


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About the company

BNP Paribas Switzerland

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74 countries

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1500 employees for BNP Paribas Switzerland

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With nearly 1,500 employees and a presence in Geneva, Zurich, Basel and Lugano, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is a leading European bank in Switzerland for corporates, institutions and private clients.

Active in Switzerland since 1872, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA strives for long term development with a clear strategy for each business line:
 - Corporates and Institutions in their development both in Europe and beyond with a “One Bank for Corporates” initiative
 - Wealth Management expertise and service for private clients and entrepreneurs
 - Commodity finance thanks to “Specialized Trade Solutions” dedicated to historical clients who share their values and to Group’s Corporate clients in Europe

The BNP Paribas Group integrated model enables them to offer their clients the financial stability of a leading bank in Europe with international reach and its wide range of products and investment.
By developing long-term close working relationships with their clients, BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA aspires to contribute to sustainable, responsible growth.