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Mercedes-Benz Art Collection
Charlotte Posenenske, 8 Reliefs der Serie C, 1967, Mercedes-Benz Art Collection
Mercedes-Benz Head Quarter, Stuttgart Untertürkheim, works by: Larry Zox, Oli Sihvonen, Al Held
Sylvie Fleury, Car Wash, 1995, Video (Video Still), Mercedes-Benz Art Collection
Now on View. Works from the Mercedes-Benz Art Collection in the Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, 2024, here: Bojan Šar?evi?, 1954/C 2004; 1954/D, 2004, Mercedes-Benz Art Collection
About the collection

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Number of artworks:
around 3000

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The Mercedes-Benz Art Collection focuses on abstract-constructive pictorial concepts, critically-engaged art, and representative works and commissions on themes such as automobility, design, and construction. Its diverse spectrum of media ranges from painting, drawing, sculpture, object and light art to installation, photography and video. The collection profile focuses on the abstract avant-gardes of the 20th century and international contemporary art. Examples of abstract artworks from the 20th century range from the Bauhaus and classical modernism, concrete art, constructivism and art informel after 1945 to the European ZERO movement, minimalism and conceptual art, Neo Geo, postminimalism, and conceptual tendencies.

About the company

Mercedes-Benz Group AG