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Deutsche Bank Collection
Imi Knoebel, Circe, 1992, Silkscreen Deutsche Bank New York, Columbus Circle
Thomas Hirschhorn, Musée Précaire Albinet (Lighter), 2004, Prime Tower, Deusche Bank Zürich @ 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
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The PalaisPopulaire is an open house—a contemporary and innovative forum that offers visitors an exciting mix of art and culture.

Situated in the heart of Berlin, the PalaisPopulaire combines tradition and the future, local and global culture. It represents fundamental goals that Deutsche Bank has pursued with its cultural commitment for decades: creating access for everyone as well as recognizing and promoting talent in order to have a positive impact on society. Our house offers a wide-ranging program that brings together diverse aspects of contemporary culture under one roof. In addition to art this includes literature and music.

The PalaisPopulaire is much more than a museum or exhibition hall. It is a globally networked forum for anyone who wants to think about culture in interdisciplinary, new, and lateral ways. It combines tradition and the future, aims to help the general public become open to new positions in the global art scene and to current cultural-policy issues that are specific to Berlin. In addition, the new platform reflects Deutsche Bank’s commitment to Berlin, the city where it was founded. As a vibrant, inspiring house the PalaisPopulaire emphasizes the importance of art and culture in society. 

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PalaisPopulaire, Unter den Linden 5, Berlin


About the collection

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A collection of several thousand works of art in 600 locations

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Founded at the end of the 1970s, the Deutsche Bank Collection  has grown into one of the most significant corporate collection of post-1945 drawings and photographs in the world. And paper – with its unique range of artistic applications – is the dominant medium in the collection. The works span a broad spectrum, from preliminary notes for an artistic idea, to sketches, finished drawings, watercolours, collages and photographs.

Every significant art movement since 1945 is represented : Joseph Beuys and his students and  contemporaries, Vehement Painting, Pop Art and Young British Artists from London, Minimal Art from the USA, the New Leipzig School, and Asian and African photography.  Whereas the collection initially focussed on works by artist from German – speaking countries, since the 1990s it has become more global in composition. Today, the emphasis is increasingly on the international art scene, especially that in Asia, Latin America, and Africa

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Frankfurt am Main

-Max Bill, Kontinuität, sculpture, 1986
-Karin Sander, Wandstück , polished wall painting, 2004
-Olaf Metzel, Cashflow, sculpture, 2005
-Xenia Lesniewski, Untitled, paper installation, 2012

-Idris Khan, A River Runs Happy, wall painting, 2014

-Patrick Tuttofuoco, X-Flag,  installation, 2007
-Luca Vitone, Mare Nostrum, wallpainting/installation, 2004/2007
-Lara Favaretto, Una della tante (One is as good as the other), installation, 2007
-Alberto Garutti, Cosa succede nelle stanze quando gli uomini se ne vanno? Opera dedicata  a tutti coloro che qui si incontreranno, fluorescent benches,  2007
-Vincenzo Castella, #02 Milano 2012, photograph, 2012

-Giovanni Chiaramonte, Dittico di Porta Maggiore, Photograph , 2014


Artist of the Year

Spotlight on young art: Like its corporate collection, Deutsche Bank’s “Artist of the Year” award is committed to the present. The aim is to acquaint a wide public with new and exciting artistic positions. Based on the recommendation of Deutsche Bank’s Global Art Advisory Council which includes internationally renowned curators  Hou Hanru, Udo Kittelmann, and Victoria Noorthoorn, the bank honours an emerging artist, who has created an artistically, as well as socially relevant, oeuvre, one integrating the media of paper and photography – the two main areas of focus of the Deutsche Bank Collection.

Unlike many other prizes, “Artist of the Year” is not based on a financial reward, but is positioned as an integral part of the Deutsche Bank art program, which has been opening up the world of contemporary art to the public for the last thirty years—through Deutsche Bank’s own substantial collection, its exhibitions, and its joint projects with partners. Each “Artist of the Year” is presented in a solo exhibition at the PalaisPopulaire in Berlin. 

A comprehensive catalogue will be published concurrent with the exhibition. In addition, a selection of the artist’s works on paper will be acquired for the Deutsche Bank Collection on this occasion.

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2021   Maxwell Alexandre, Conny Maier, Zhang Xu Zhan

2018   Caline Aoun

2017   Kemang Wa Lehulere

2016   Basim Magdy

2015   Koki Tanaka

2014   Victor Man

2013   Imran Qureshi

2012   Roman Ondák

2011   Yto Barrada

2010   Wangechi Mutu

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