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Attijariwafa Bank
View of the exhibition in the Artspace Actua, Casablanca, january-march 2020
Natural pigments en lamb skin. 33 m². 1980
Exhibition public space:

Attijariwafa Bank collection was born in the mid-70s under the passionate impetus of its two former presidents. The collection embraces all the trends of art in Morocco from the early 20th and 21st century. It features a significant concentration of works by artists of the first decade of the 1950s and an extensive coverage of trends between the 1970s and the 2000s.

Moroccan artists constitute the majority of the collection. There are nearly 2,000 paintings and prints. World-renowned artists such as Farid Belkahia, Mohamed Melehi, Ahmed Cherkaoui, Jilali Gharbaoui, Mohamed Chabâa, Mohamed Melehi and Chaïbia Tallal, and contemporary artists including Amina Benbouchta, Meryem El Alj, Hicham Benohoud, Michèle Magema, Saïdou Dicko are amongst the most represented. The collection is characterized by monumental pieces by Farid Belkahia, Hassan El Glaoui...Since the bank's development in Africa, works by rising artists from the African continent and the diaspora have been acquired. 



About the collection

Launch year:

Number of artworks:

Status of collection:

Artistic domain:

Ecole de Casablanca, Abstract expressionnim, COnceptual art, Sign and symbol, New figuration

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

Farid Belkahia (1934-2014), monumental ensemble on lamb skin, commissioned 1981 for the headquarters in Casablanca.

Mohammed Melehi, 180 x 600 cm laquer on wood. Commissioned around 1990.

Abdelkébir Rabi (1944 -). 210 x 440 cm. Oil on canvas. Commissioned during the renovation of the head offices areas in 2007 in Casablanca. Others in the main comercial agencies of the group.

Mehdi Qotbi (around 1958 -). 180 x 350 cm. Commissioned 2007 after the renovation of the head offices areas in Casablanca.


Books by the collection

About the company

Attijariwafa Bank

Launch year:
1904, as Banque Commerciale du Maroc.

International presence:
25 countries

Annual revenue:
23.5 Billions MAD

Number of employees:
20 125 employees

Profile of the company:

Attijariwafa bank has assumed, for more than a century, a decisive role in the Kingdom’s economic development and the modernisation of its financial system. By continuously diversifying into new business lines, it has successfully maintained its status as market leader across all market segments. Throughout its history, the Group has shown faith in its environment, demonstrated its commitment to serving its customers as well as playing an active role in Morocco’s social development, by lending support to disadvantaged communities. Attijariwafa bank serves, thanks to its 20,602 employees and network of 5,265 branches, more than 10.2 million personal banking, professional banking, corporate and institutional customers. «Believe in you» is Attijariwafa bank’s new corporate slogan, which clearly underlines the renewed confidence it has in all its partners.

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