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DZ BANK Art Collection, Germany
ART FOYER of the DZ BANK Art Collection
Richard Mosse, Richard, Virunga, North Kiru, Eastern Congo, from the series: INFRA, 2011
Tobias Zielony, Dawn, from the series: Zielona Gora, 2008
Hans-Peter Feldmann, Zwei Maedchen mit Schatten, 2011 © 2017, ProLitteris, Zurich
Andreas Mühe, Heimat, from the series: Prora Rügen, 2004

About the collection

Exhibition public space:

Art Foyer
Established in 2006, offers an exhibition space accessible to the public, and showcases 4 exhibitions per year based on the DZ BANK Art Collection. Guided tours are provided for the public on the last Friday of each month at the ART FOYER and at the floor exhibitions at the DZ BANK headquarters at Frankfurt/Main on the first Friday of each month, and at 5:30 pm subject to prior registration.

Opening hours
Tuesday – Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Contact: +49-69-7447-99144
Admission free of charge

Städel Museum
Since 2008, DZ BANK has presented the Städel Museum with a selection of 220 works from its art collection. This now forms the basis of the Städel Museum’s collection of photographic art.


Launch year:

Number of artworks:
Comprising more than 7,000 works of art by over 800 international artists, the Collection is one of the largest of its kind. Its focus is on contemporary art as manifested in the photographic image.

Artistic domain:

The Collection has always shown a particular interest in photographic works by artists better known in other fields of art, such as painting or sculpture, artists who take a different approach to photography and who are able to offer the public a new perspective on the medium.

Status of collection:

Commission program / Site-specific order(s) :

- Robert Barry, untitled, 1997 (Installation)
- Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Les Nuages, 1999 (Installation)
- Émilie Pitoiset, The Third Party, 2013 (Photography) among others



In 2013 DZ BANK resumed the scholarship support for two artists that it had discontinued ten years previously.

Condition of eligibility: Not open to free candidacy but subject to proposal by the jury. Each of the 7 members of the jury proposes 10 artists. The required profile is for international artists using photography in their mid-career

Reward : € 12,000 and an exhibition in the ART FOYER together with the 3 other artists from the final shortlist of 5. A brochure available for the exhibition. The exhibited series will be purchased for the DZ BANK Art Collection.

Names of the 2award winners:
- Ulrich Gebert, 2013/2014
- Andrej Krementschouk, 2013/2014

- Laura Bielau, 2015/2016
- Bruno Zhu, 2015/2016

DZ BANK AG, Germany

Launch year:

International presence:
Presence in 15 countries

Profile of the company:
DZ BANK AG is the cooperative financial network’s central institution  and serves more than 900 cooperative banks, by which it is majority owned. Furthermore, it is also active as a corporate bank and functions as the holding company for the specialized service providers in the DZ BANK Group. With its extensive range of financial products and services the DZ BANK Group supports the local cooperative banks in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Capital Markets and Transaction Banking.

Annual revenue:
DZ BANK Group’s profit before taxes reaches € 2.87 billion

Number of employees: