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2015 Meetings

Statoil will host the 1st meeting in Oslo (in May)

Fidelity Worldwide Investment will host the 2nd meeting in London  (in October)

IACCCA brings together the curators of corporate art collections in order to reflect on the specificities of individual collections.
Several times a year, IACCCA members are invited by a curator of one of the collections to attend a meeting in a different city. These meetings give curators the opportunity to exchange views and share expertise and knowledge.
They are also an opportunity to discuss the future and the responsibilities of corporate collections with a view to developing innovative solutions in a constantly changing environment.
The purpose of the association is to engage corporate art collectors with a view to:
  • Ascertain the sustainability of their companies' commitment to art
  • Leverage the artistic and patrimonial value of their collections
  • Enforce visibility, recognition and reputation
  • Enter in an educational dialogue with stakeholders (staff, clients, general public)
  • Enhance the importance and the meaning of contemporary art in our corporations and society
In order to do this, the Association hosts and develops:
  • symposiums, conferences and workshops on the occasion of contemporary art fairs
  • exhibitions, awards and other cultural events
  • tools for disseminating information, e.g. websites, publications, audiovisual and electronic media
IACCCA - International Association of Corporate Collections of Contemporary Art